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Image - Football team, Hamilton College, 1902

Football team, Hamilton College, 1902

The Hamilton College Archives - General Collection

The Hamilton College Archives holds Hamilton and Kirkland College records and personal papers of enduring value from administrators, faculty, students, and alumni from the founding of the Hamilton-Oneida Academy to the present, for the use of members of the Hamilton College community, scholars, and the general public.

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  • Diaries, journals, photographs, portraits, etc.


Katherine Collett, Archivist
E-mail: askarch (at) hamilton (dot) edu
Telephone: (315) 859-4471

Hamilton College Archives
Burke Library
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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Addison Kellog Strong
Photograph of Addison Kellog Strong, class of 1842, Inscriptions: A. K. Strong '42, Addison Kellog Strong, Class of 1842
Amos Hammond Dean
Photograph of Amos Hammond Dean, class of 1864, Inscriptions: Amos Hammond Dean, Ham. Coll., Class of 1864 -- Hammond Dean, X P, '64, Albany
Benjamin Franklin Pope
Photograph of Benjamin Franklin, class of 1864, Inscriptions: Pope, Benjamin Franklin, Class of 1864 -- B. Frank Pope, Ps. U. [Psi Upsilon] Class of '64, Ham. Coll.
Charles Buckingham
Portrait of Charles Buckingham, class of 1862. Killed July 1864., Inscriptions: Lieut., 146th N.Y.V -- Killed July 1864.
Charles Melville Fay
Photograph of Charles Melville Fay, class of 1862, Inscriptions: Charles Melville Fay '62, Class of 1862
Charles Melville Fay
Portrait of Charles Melville Fay, class of 1862
Charles Melville Fay
Portrait of Charles Melville Fay, class of 1862
Darius Carter Sackett
Photograph of Darius Carter Sackett, class of 1864, Inscriptions: D. C. Sackett, 1864
Diary of Joel Smith Bacon
Diary of Joel Smith Bacon, Class of 1826. Bacon attended Cortland Academy in Homer, N.Y. and Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. (B.A. 1826). Later in life he was a president of Columbian College (now George Washington University), and a Baptist minister who distributed Bibles to freed slaves after the Civil War.
Diary of Justus B. Doolittle; covering his life as a foreign missionary in Foochow, China, until the year 1873
Diary of Justus B. Doolittle (Class of 1846). Describes Doolittle's life as a student at Hamilton College on pages 3-5. Diary entries begin on page 52, after an autobiography of his life up to that point.; Biography: J.B. Doolittle (1824-1880) H.C. Class of 1846 Missionary to China: 1849-1864 Justus B. Doolittle was born on 23 June, 1824 in Rutland, NY, and died on 15 June, 1880 in Clinton, NY. Af... [description clipped]
Dwight Lee
Photograph of Dwight Lee, class of 1863, Inscriptions: D. M. Lee '63, Dwight Morgan Lee, Class of 1863
Edward Payson Adams
Portrait of Edward Payson Adams, class of 1858, Inscriptions: E. P. Adams
Edward Payson Johnson
Photograph of Edward Payson Johnson, class of 1864. Killed at the Wilderness, Virginia, May 1864., Inscriptions: Johnson, Edward Payson, 1864 -- Edward Payson Johnson, Class of '64, Ham. Coll., Sergt 121st N. Y. V -- Killed at the Wilderness, Va., May 1864.
Edwin Lawrence Buttrick
Photograph of Edwin Lawrence Buttrick, class of 1842. Great grandson of Major Buttrick of Concord 94th ? Powell November 2, 1965, Inscriptions: #14 -- 439/10- -- Col E. L. Buttrick, Charleston, Class of '42, W. Va. -- Great grandson of Major Buttrick of Concord -- 94th ? Powell 12/2/65 -- Edwin Lawrence Buttrick, Ham Coll., Class of 1842.
Edwin Lawrence Buttrick
Portrait of Edwin Lawrence Buttrick, class of 1842. Colonel, 38th Wisconsin United States Volunteers, 1864, Inscriptions: The Hon Edwin L. Buttrick, Charleston, West, Va., Class of 1842. Col 38th Wisconsin U. S. V. 1864.