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Samuel Kirkland

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Rev. Samuel Kirkland

Description of the Samuel Kirkland Collection

Manuscript materials related to Rev. Samuel Kirkland (1741-1808), founder of Hamilton-Oneida Academy, which became Hamilton College soon after his death.Includes 648 letters, legal documents, and memos, some of which are written in an Iroquois language. 102 of the letters have been transcribed and can be searched by keywords or phrases.


  • Correspondence (English and Iroquois)
  • Sermons, essays, and other writings
  • Legal and financial documents


Katherine Collett, Archivist
E-mail: askarch (at) hamilton (dot) edu
Telephone: (315) 859-4471

Hamilton College Archives
Burke Library
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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(?) to James Dean
Description: Letter in Iroquois language with "James Dean's" on the side.
A. Ewing to Samuel Kirkland
Discusses manner of payment for the "Indian Horses."
A.R. Robbins to Samuel Kirkland
Robbins recently saw the Major (Samuel Kirkland's son) who informed him of Kirkland and his family. He informs Kirkland that many have died at New Haven. Since Robbins' impending mission will take him to Kirkland's area, he hopes to visit., Description: Includes a transcription.
Aaron Crosby to Samuel Kirkland
Still having problems with Old Issac. He is still in favor of feasting after Baptism. Baptized his son with much feasting and shooting guns: "some of them were carried by the Spirit out of themselves into Beasts". Crosby is also trying to get the Tuscaroras baptized by him. Good Peter "met with a fall", is better now.
Aaron Crosby to Samuel Kirkland
Finds the visiting Dutch minister unique., Description: Includes a transcription.
Aaron Kanorraron to his Brother David
Niagara Mohawks under Butler's command. Advises David and all other Mohawks along the Mohawk River to remain friendly to the King, although surrounded by "Bostonians." Most of the Indians at Niagara conference favored action against the colonies, but were discouraged because of the precarious situation of the eastern half of the Mohawk nation. Aaron is "of great service" to the commander., Descrip... [description clipped]
Abraham Simon to Samuel Kirkland
Returned home safely. Working at Dartmouth, learning to be a surveyor. Will send Jerusha money when he can afford it.
Account of Expenses
Samuel Kirkland's expenses for 1769., Description: Includes a transcription.
Account of Expenses
Lists of expenditures incurred in the repair of the Oneida mills, damaged by floods.
Account of Expenses
Lists of expenditures incurred in buying oxen and farm implements for the Oneida Nation.
Account of Expenses
Expenses for inoculations, farming utensils and Samuel Kirkland's salary., Description: Date on document probably wrong.
Account of Expenses
Samuel Kirkland's expenses Oct. 1777-April 1779: Treaty of Albany, Treaty of Johnstown, Travel, miscellaneous.
Account of Expenses
Expenses for currency exchange losses, inoculations and farming utensils. Receipts: donations from John Thornton
Account of Expenses
Extraordinary expenses of Samuel Kirkland, October 1770-October 1771. For provisions, clothing, farming utensils, medicines, and school support. Justifies these expenses as a minimal and necessary. Kanonwarohare., Description: Photostat
Account of Expenses
Account of Samuel Kirkland's expenses incurred while bringing the chiefs to Philadelphia. Travel, lodging, and baggage transport costs.
Address to the Indians
Delivered by David Avery upon his departure from Oneida. Tells the Indians that because of their heathen ways: "I have not the least expectation of seeing one of your faces there [in heaven] in comfort, but must stand as a swift witness against every of you that shall come to God's awful Bar in your sins." Kanonwarohare.
Address to the Iroquois Chief
Seems to be an address to the Congress or some other official body., Description: Transcript in Samuel Kirkland's handwriting is almost illegible.
Agreement between A.S. Norton and the Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Norton agrees to pay the trustees 400 dollars.
Alex Miller to Samuel Kirkland
The board of directors' meeting produced a resolution stating that due to insufficient funds of the Society no further money can be forwarded to Samuel Kirkland. However, the board is trying to collect money, and they just received a deed for land of the Oneidas.