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John Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 2d

Norwich September 3rd 1766 Dear Brother I Received your favours of the 17th
July and 11 of august With Pleasure and joy to hear of your Welfare and
Comfortable situation that the Indians are kind. Which favor is of the Lord
I had concluded upon this Week to set out upon the tour upon Receiving your
last letter. We shall tarry till about the middle of September. if no word
from Captain Butler to come sooner. by the first I Received of yours I was
pleased by the Hopes of meeting you at your Return for Provisions But I
Hope the disappointment for the best I shall ever remember your Kindness
and hope you will be rewarded I have obtained money sufficient for the time
Mr. Kinne was at our house this Day gives comfortable account of your
situation Which is great joy to us all. Our People are about to hire him to
preach this fall his health is Recovered. I have nothing more to inform of
I must Desist wishing the Divine presence and Blessing may attend you and
your labours be successful in the wilderness to advancement of the
Redeemer's Kingdom from ever Loving and Affectionate Brother John Kirkland
PS give suitable Regards to Mr. McClure Mr. Perkins is contented to tarry
at home things are kept close Mr Dennis none else.

To the Reverend Mr. Samuel Kirkland missionary

Mr. John Kirkland
Norwich 3d September 1766