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Joseph Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland

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Norwich, February 1, 1769. Dear Brother This morning an opportunity
presenting having a few moments yet to inform you of our welfare. Dadda has
been as well as common. Mama has been very poor and sick all winter and is
so now. As to my health it is as usual except a cold. My wife is safely
delivered of a daughter and is a living mother of a living and perfect
Child. Blessed be God for all favours, both common and special. Hearing by
your letter that the small pox is up there I shall not take a tour that way
at present. I desire that you will be so good as to get the pay for them
shoes that I dd: to Martin Gordinear . The number of shoes that Gordinear
had of me was 7 pair of men's shoes and 7 pair of women's shoes. And also
the pay for 2 shirt cloths of woolen check which Mr. Andrew hoof had of me
for his one use the sum is 0:16: York money. Please to inquire of Mr. Bratt
where these men live. Sir if this business don't belong to your character
please to desire Mr. Bratt to take it upon him and satisfy him for it and I
will satisfy you. I must desist. Wishing you grace mercy and peace may be
multiple to you Your loving brother Joseph Kirkland P.S. Give regards to
Mr. Bratt and family,

the Reverend Mr. Samuel Kirkland Missionary at Oneida

Mr. Joseph Kirkland January 30, 1769