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Samuel Kirkland to James Bowdoin

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Kirkland 85b

Samuel Kirkland to James Bowdoin
Boston 10th March 1784 Sir - In compliance with the request of the
honorable Board of Commissioners at their meeting yesterday, I shall now
state my account with the Society as their Missionary during the late
interruption of Correspondence, and since the last settlement with your
Honorable Board - which was September 16th 1774 - when I received my salary
of 130 sterling per annum in full for all past services to that times. My
services as the Society's Missionary and interpreter, from September 16th
1774 to March 16th 1784 - 9 1/2 years œ1235-0-0 sterling I credit the
Society with œ140 sterling received from your Board in November 1781 and
February 1783 œ140- - By œ65 sterling from Congress November 1775 - 65- -
By œ25 in real value from the same Body in 1777 25- - By deduction of four
years allowance as Interpreter of œ30 sterling per annum 120 By an
allowance of œ95 sterling in consideration of such small sums and
gratuities, as may have been received by me for extra services of various
kinds, and occasional preaching 95 #445- - I have received (but under great
disadvantages) six months pay from the Congress for the Chaplaincy
appointed in October 1779 - which appears to me cannot in justice and in
equity to be credited to the Society - as it did not embarrass the duties
of my mission - nor in any measure balance my extra expenses and losses
sustained during that time. Several considerations have been made to me for
extra services which were no more than a balance of the expenses attending
them: and in some instances fell much short. Permit me to observe - that I
was offered any salary, I would name, in the beginning of the late troubles
in 1775, if I would relinquish my Indian Mission - and take another
employment; which I absolutely refused - and utterly declined doing
anything that should in the least injure the business of my Mission - and

frustrate its design. Agreeable to the forgoing adjustment of my accounts
with the Society - the Honorable board will readily perceive - there
remains near seven years full salary to be accounted for (aside of any
interest) from September 16th 1774 to March 16th 1784. - Nevertheless, it
will be most agreeable to my own feelings, and idea of equity, not to
judge, in a matter that so nearly concerns me, and upon which my subsisting
for the future in a family state so much depends - therefore submit it
wholly to the honorable and Reverend Board, in whose wisdom and integrity,
I have the utmost confidence - and I have the honor to subscribe with great
Esteem, Sir, Your obedient and obliged humble Servant Samuel Kirkland
Honorable James Bowdoin Esquire President of the Honorable Board of Scotch
Commissioners A sketch of account between the Honorable Society, for
propagating Christian Knowledge - and Mr. Kirkland , their missionary to
the Oneida Indians Doctor - The Reverend Samuel Kirkland in account with
said Society - Cr To sundries - the particulars of which are mentioned in
the foregoing letter œ445 sterling Balance due to Mr Kirkland 790 Sterling
œ1235 By his Salary as missionary at œ100 and as Interpreter at œ30
making œ130 sterling per annum - from September 16th 1774 to March 16 1784
- being 9 1/2 years œ1235 sterling Boston March 10th 1784.
My state of Account with the Society in Scotland.  Boston March 10th 1784

[From a draft in Kirkland's hand.]