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John Sargeant to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 134b

Letter to Samuel Kirkland from John Sergeant
Stockbridge March 10th 1791 Reverend and Dear Sir. You have no doubt been
informed by Edgar Blackmer that we had a prosperous and pleasant journey
down. found all well except my dear parent whom providence denied me the
satisfaction of seeing and receiving her blessing before she left us. I
have been informed about a week before her death - she took leave of all
her Children and grand Children in a most extraordinary happy and composed
state of mind: when you see Captain Yoke if you please you may read Mr.
West's address to us in his funeral sermon, which I have copied off and
sent. Your Family are well, want much to see you hope you will be down by
the middle of April - which will be a good time to take care of your farm
here. which will also be about the time that at present I expect to return
I am preparing my Journal and letters to the Commissions if you think best,
wish you would send me your plan for the arrangement of the proposed Indian
Schools - perhaps it will be more satisfactory to the Gentlemen for us to
sign something together to lay before the Society at their May meeting. I
have written to Mr. Crosby - I shall write that we proposed one school at
Oneida the other at Genesee, etc. hope you will encourage my people in
their temporal and spiritual Concerns as you have opportunity. you will
please to write and give me all the Indian News remain Reverend Sir your
friend and Brother John Sergeant Reverend Mr. Kirkland

[addressed in same handwriting on other side of paper] The Reverend Samuel
Reverend John Sergeant March 10, 1791