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Henry Knox to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 136c

H. Knox to Samuel Kirkland War Department May 11th 1791 Sir. I have just
received your letter of the 22nd of April, for which I sincerely thank you.
I highly approve of Captain Hendricks being employed, and will make good
any reasonable allowance to him for his services. Let him call on Colonel
Pickering , at Wyoming, who will furnish him with clothing, and necessaries
for the purpose. -General Schuyler also mentioned an Oneida chief of great
respectability, who I wish would also accompany the others. But, I imagine
the Cornplanter has already anticipated the others, and gone forward.

Colonel Brant is right as to the principle of the boundaries. The idea in
future of conquest ought to be relinquished, and fair purchase and optional
sale take place. I shall be gald to hear that you have pushed forward
Captain Hendricks and the chief Peter I am, Sir, etc. etc. H. Knox ,
Secretarty of War. To The Reverend Samuel Kirkland . (From Pickering MSS
61:202-203. Printed in Gates' State Papers, Vol. 4, Page 169.)