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Stephen West to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 139a

Letter to Samuel Kirkland from Stephen West . Stockbridge, 18th August
1791. Reverend and Dear Sir, I have a moments time by Doctor Edwards , who
is on his way to White's Town, in order to assist in gathering a Church. If
the Professors , in Clinton, can unite with each other, in such sentiments,
and upon such principles as are agreeable to the gospel; Pray, would it not
be wise for them to improve the opportunity of the Doctor's being there, in
order to form into a Church state. The Doctor will be as good an assistant
as they could have; and it would save me, and some other person, the
trouble and fatigue of coming up. A journey into those parts would be
agreeable to me in many respects: but, if consistent with the general good,
would rather be excused from taking it. However, should it be urged, and
some Gentleman invited to be my company, propose to come. Wish, Sir, you
would propose to the professors, in Clinton, to improve the opportunity of
Dr. Edwards's being there. With sincere affection, Yours Stephen West
Reverend Mr. Kirkland

[Addressed on other side of sheet]
Reverend Samuel Kirkland
Reverend Samuel Kirkland
 Clinton. Favoured of Doctor Edwards .

Reverend Stephen West
16 July 1791

[used for scratch paper?]
Daniel Dr. Dr.