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Samuel Kirkland to Henry Knox

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Kirkland 142e

Letter from Samuel Kirkland to Henry Knox , Secretary of War 1785-1794
Stockbridge 28th December 1791. Sir, I had the honor of addressing you, by
a short letter from New York in which I expressed my intentions of
proceeding to the place of destination with the utmost dispatch. No
conveyance offered directly to Albany sooner than the Monday Stage.
Therefore I concluded to go by White Plains where I had left my own horse
on my way down. I reached this place a little before eleven o'clock last
evening after riding nearly the whole of Monday night, but tired my horse
about sixteen miles back. At Great Barrington, I heard that Captain
Engersoll a gentleman of some information and veracity had just returned
from a tour to the westward as far as Niagara and the Buffalo, and was
desirous to call upon him and know what intelligence he had brought from
that quarter. He gives me the following account - "That he was at Niagara
when the news arrived of the defeat of our Army in the vicinity of the
Miamis. That they received this information at that garrison by letter from
Detroit within ten days after the unfortunate action. - Agreeably to the
accounts given in by the Indians, they had killed and taken 1200 of the
Americans and their own life was only 56. That Captain Brant

had been for sometime dangerously sick at Grand River and for some weeks
his life had been despaired of - but previous to Mr. Engersoll's departure
which was the last of November there was hopes of his recovery. He also
told me, that Colonel Gordon , the Commandant of Niagara, appeared to be
much affected with the severe loss our Army had sustained and that Brant
had endeavoured to dissuade the Indians from prosecuting the war, before
they left the vicinity of Niagara. That the western Confederacy to Join
them and send forward some of their young men to take an active part. ?

[Written on side of paper] To General Knox
Stockbridge 28th December 1791