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David Avery to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 152f

September 8th Reverend Sir I have not had an Opportunity to talk with Miss
Bettse since I came from Norwich ( about a week ago) till last Evening a
few Minutes - She desires to be remembered to you. When I wrote the letter
I could not talk with her (propter Causam antiquam) but last night she
informed me she felt comfortable. and had done for near 3 weeks past,
though many Doubts about her State. -She has been released from her old
Distress, and what Distress she now meets with arises from another Source -
Christ appears a complete Saviour, as willing as able, and she sees 'tis
attainments, but is looking out for a sound, real, and evidential
Conversion - She hates the Hypocrite - I really hope Christ Jesus is
precious to the tender Heart! O! may the Father of Lights fill her with
Light, and assured Evidences! Ah! scatter the Clouds of Darkness and shine
in upon her mind the bright beams of Divine Glory! P.S. 2. Miss Bettse was
at a loss whether it would be best to acquaint you with this: but I hope
there is more reality in it than she feared, therefore you will know how
better to petition for her. P.S. 3. Don't expose me, nor the Person I
mentioned. Please to overlook my haste and carelessness. How much would a
Letter rejoice your most sincere, most affectionate, most entire, real and
ever unfeigned Friend, David Avery ! Part of a letter from David Avery to
Samuel Kirkland 1769?

For the Reverend Mr. Samuel Kirkland, Missionary, at Oneida per favour D.