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Samuel Kirkland to John T. Kirkland

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Kirkland 185b

Samuel Kirkland to John T. Kirkland
Paris 16th November 1795. Dear Son Yours of the 12th ultimo by Mr. Johnson
came safe to hand. I need not mention the gratification it afforded me, for
your letters have always that happy influence. I am sorry, however, that
temporalities should oppress you, when scarcely setting out in life. I have
long borne them, and they have become familiar. If your finances will not
admit of affording me a little present relief towards completing my house,
make yourself entirely easy. I can cheerfully encounter a thousand
difficulties rather than see a favorite Son attacked by a single one. My
embarrassments and disappointments from almost every quarter I shall not
mention. Should it be consistent with your present situation, I wish you to
enclose me, in a letter by post, 50 or 100 dollars or more if convenient. I
believe it may come safe. It is probably your Brother George will visit you
early in the winter, if there be snow. All things considered, I think my
daughter Jerusha ought to show you the purport of the enclosed, and take
your advice being so far from family connexions. The

The subject is very delicate. Who at present can be a more faithful,
judicious and affectionate counselor than a dear Brother? Amidst all the
variety and little cares of life I can't forget your important office and
the situation in which you are placed. I wish you every day to thank Christ
Jesus your Lord who hath enabled you, for that he wanted you faithful, hath
put you into the ministry. Set the Lord always before you as your teacher
and example. As a preacher he gave himself wholly to his work; he loved it;
it was his meat and his drink. Let the nature, importance, and success of
your office follow you into all places and into all companies and direct
the whole course of your conduct. May your time and talents be all
consecrated time and talents. Where much is given, the requirement will be
proportionable. My heart's desire is, that the Lord may keep you, and make
you an able, faithful, and skillful minister, and wise in winning souls to
Christ. I expect to write you again shortly - and be a little more
particular as to domestic affairs, with some Indian information. Yours,
etc. S. Kirkland . P.S. This moment received yours of the 5th instant -
thank you for the enclosed. Shall be very glad of the next quarterly
payment by the time; accept ( ) P.S. I am exceedingly anxious for the
education of my son Sammy, but cannot at present advance anything towards
it. P. S. 2d. Please seal the enclosed - having no wafers.