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Ralph W. Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland

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Ralph W. Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland March 14, 1806 Honored Uncle - Yours
by Mr. Bingham I have received and will attend to the contents. The reason
why I have not been out before now, is because I have been obliged to pay
very close attention to a sick Brother, both by day and by night. He is
much better and is able to come into the Store a little, but not to do
anything. I send to Aunt 2 lbs Coffee and a roll of Butter, which will be
good with a little Codfish if it should be wanted etc. Also some papers
from Boston. No letters. Mr. L. has had a letter from Reverend J. T.
Kirkland , all well etc. I hope to be able to ride out tomorrow evening. I
am Respectfully yours R. W. Kirkland . Friday 2 o'clock PM March 14, 1806
Reverend Samuel Kirkland .

Reverend Samuel Kirkland Paris Mr. Bingham
Family Letters 1806 and 1807
R.W. Kirklands March 14th, 1806