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Ebenezer Mosely to Samuel Kirkland

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Reverend Mr. Mosely
September 3, 1770
To The Reverend Samuel Kirkland

Ebenezer Moseley to Samuel Kirkland Onohokwage, 3d September 1770. Reverend
and dear Sir-- Your kind Letter, I received some time since, in which you
mention one wrote in May last, which I've not received. You justly observe
the dullness of our correspondence. I heartily wish it might be more
frequent. Acknowledge my own indolence - have no excuse to make except it
be the want of opportunity - determine for the future the fault shall not
be on my side. Sir, I congratulate you on the duplicate increase of your
family, which I lately hear; you begin well - pray Sir, hold out, and we
shall soon be supplied with young Missionaries. Dear Sir, my situation is
very lonesome and desolate - no suitable companion for society - nor even a
housekeeper to wash my dishes. I long to see you to know whether Hymen's
prison is a palace of joy, and his silken bands, cords of friendship, or
the reverse.

I am at a ne plus ultra in my Mind with respect to entering upon a conjugal
State. You are now capable of giving friendly advice. I expect tomorrow to
set out for Wyoming. I shall be absent two Sabbaths. Have not heard from
New England since last Spring, when I left it. There is a plan on foot for
building a church in this place. A Gentleman who proposed this way the
other day, offered one hundred dollars toward it. The Indians are very
generous in their offers. Pray Sir be mindful of me and my poor people in
your prayers. May the pleasure of the Lord prosper in your Hands. Best
Complements to your Lady. Am your dear Brother in our common Lord Ebenezer