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Samuel Kirkland to Jerusha Kirkland

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Samuel Kirkland to Jerusha Kirkland Fort Stanwix 10th July 1772 My dear
Spouse, I wrote You sometime ago by Mr. Avery , our common friend. An
opportunity now presents of conveyance from hence to Schenectady - I came
here three days ago, by the importunity of the distressed inhabitants,
whose children are all smitten with the small-pox. Mr. Ruff has lost his
oldest Daughter - the rest are all like to do well. I am almost impatient
to hear from you. I trust the Lord has been kind to you - May he ever be
your guardian God - and you rest quiet and secure under the shadow of his
wings. 'Tis my constant prayer that your life and health - with the dear
little Babes may be ever precious in God's sight. There has of late been a
great controversy and dispute among my people, respecting the Nature of
Repentance Baptism and Covenanting with God - I have done little else than
attend Counsels and catechetical lectures for near three weeks - the debate
has had a happy issue - brought truth to light - established and
strengthened the church, who as yet have won the day - against the head-men
and multitude

of several villages - a number are now become attentive to divine truths -
last Sabbath had a crowded assembly - May the Lord bless you and be very
gracious to you - so prays - Your affectionate husband Samuel Kirkland For
Mrs. Jerusha Kirkland

For Mrs. Jerusha Kirkland In Windham To the Care of Reverend Mr. West In
Mr. Kirkland July 10, 1772