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Samuel Kirkland to Jerusha Kirkland

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Samuel Kirkland to Jerusha Kirkland
Fort Schuyler 5th December 1776 My dear Jerusha - I wish you the Blessing
of Almighty God - and hope your heart may be enlarged to praise his holy
Name for his wonderful goodness - and adore his righteous Judgements. - The
duty of thanksgiving and praise to the great beneficent Parent of the
Universe, is a welcome message - a pleasing service to the grateful heart -
the benevolent Soul. - In the providence of God, we are this day called to
pay our acknowledgements and render public thanks to Almighty God. - I am
just now preparing for the business of the day - but this moment informed,
our Post is going for Albany - which I expected would not be till tomorrow.
I had almost omitted writing by this opportunity - but affection rushes on,
and bears away every other duty. - Whether your day of public thanksgiving
be past or not - I could wish to be with you and pray for a soft, a
susceptible heart - that we might praise our God for personal and family
blessings - for public salvation - Let us once only view and feel our
Characters as sinners - our unworthiness and utter worthlessness, and every
instance of divine goodness will rise in our view - appear great and
surprising. It is great goodness in God to defer the punishment of guilty
creatures - and much more to remit their deserved punishment - and still
greater to bestow favors upon them. Oh! what a weight of obligation lies
upon us to adore and give thanks to Almighty God, from whom comes every
good and perfect Gift - who redeems our lives from destruction and crowneth
with his

loving kindness and tender mercy. He protects us amidst a thousand dangers
and makes the most kind provisions for us - O may this constant care of
Heaven, wake up and call forth our most grateful acknowledgements. - I wish
my Dear that you may shine and dazzle with the beautiful garments of a
humble and grateful spirit, and bring forth fruits of obedience and
submission - The Post calls a second time - farewell my Dear, may the Lord
bless you, and comfort and support you - My love to the dear Boys - and
Jerusha shares in my affection, though she is unconscious of it - My love
to the family - I observed in my last - that we have employed a Post, to
ride once a week from this Garrison to Albany - Any letter you may leave at
Mr. Trumble's - will be safely forwarded - The Post leaves Albany every
Tuesday at noon - Newspapers will be very acceptable - remember me to dear
and worthy friends in Stockbridge Mr. West - Edwards - etc. - Yours
affectionately S. Kirkland Jerusha Kirkland

Mrs. Jerusha Kirkland In Stockbridge In the care of J. Trumble Esquire
P.M.G: Albany

Reverend Samuel Kirkland 5 December 1776
December 5th 1776