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Samuel Kirkland to Stephen Van Rensselaer

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Kirkland 176c

Library of Hamilton College Clinton, N. Y. Copy. Albany 24th February 1795.
Sir, Permit me to observe to you, that the difficulties, attending the
collection of subscriptions already made to the Hamilton Oneida Academy,
and procuring others, till the next season, induced the Trustees of said
Seminary, to apply to you for a small loan, which you was pleased to grant,
Colonel Sanger and myself becoming joint security for same. In order to
complete their Building, the Trustees have since proposed to me, to convey
the donation I have made to them, with a mortgage, giving them the Equity
of Redemption, that I might thereby be able to procure them a thousand or
fifteen hundred dollars. Could you, Sir, conveniently loan them, or me on
their behalf, the sum of 10 or 12 hundred dollars for the term of one year,
I will mortgage to you three

hundred acres of land, including the Academy plat or lot of ground on which
the Academy is erected. The Building has already cost them upwards of two
thousand dollars. The land only, would be valued at 16 or 18 hundred
dollars. __ Pity the Institution should be retarded for want of some friend
to give it a lift at the present juncture: as few, if any, are established
upon more liberal knowledge, and enlarging the bounds of human happiness,
and aiding the reign of virtue. I wish to hear from you upon the subject by
first conveyance. With sentiments of high respect and esteem, I am Sir Your
obedient humble Servant Samuel Kirkland Stephen Van Renselaer Esquire

The Honorable Stephen Van Rensselaer member of Senate New York
1795 Samuel Kirkland