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Phineas Dodge to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 7a

To the Reverend Mr. Samuel Kirkland at Oneida

Mr. Dodge March 7, 1770

P. Dodge to Samuel Kirkland
Windham 7: March: 1770 Reverend and Dear Sir. No Letters have arrived from
you since those wrote at the flats in December last though we have the
pleasure of hearing from you by way of Colonel Butler , by Mr. Mosely ;
rejoice in your safe arrival and health of body may the Lord confirm it
both in body and Soul. Last Monday I was at your honored father's. He with
your Brother and Sister send much Love, but had no time to write, they are
in usual health, Except your Sister who has been poorly for 7 or 8 weeks
since she got to bed she has a fine boy which is well. Friend, here are in
usual health Except Elias Frink and Eleaser Fitch the third who to
appearance are near the Journey's End. Elias is almost a miracle of wonder,
but is yet living, and his cry is in his distress Oh r: a: Christ: but I
must be Damned etc etc. Oh Sir I have been taking care of him this week,
and to see him lie in such a posture has made Christ Jesus indeed appear as
a Pearl of Great price.

Mrs. betty Huntington is going to be married to Mr. Simon Clark at the
Crank; John Huntington to the Widow Bartholomew Flint .

The great tumults in the Nation and Land are no less, but daily increasing,
as you doubtless hear of, a number has been killed at Boston by the
regulars, among which is Mr. Samuel Gray . Divisions, also among ourselves,
both public and those more private are increasing also. I really believe
that God is about to let us know what that meaneth a Nation divided shall
not stand etc. We are much like the Egyptians who were for having the
Judgment removed without the Cause - but blessed be God he has I trust made
me willing in some measure that he should reign King in the Earth - Neither
do I think if the present Judgment should be removed - without repentance,
that it would afford any matter of rejoicing at all in Egypt, when God
removed one Judgment, was it not that he might send a greater, even till
the sea became their grave, - and Oh, Sir, what if persecution should take
place. At this my flesh trembles, and my strength at best is perfect
Weakness. I hope you are ready armed for the field in case the Devil should
be let loose in the Wilderness, oh may strength be equal to our day.

Dear Sir, Accept much Love from your wandering, waving friend; also Mrs.
Kirkland . I want much to hear how a pilgrimage life agrees with her, God
is able to cause the Wilderness to become her, as to others before her, a
fruitful field, a pleasant heritage, - may this be your happy portion, I
daily pray for it. remember me at the throne daily - Let us all ( ) the
cause of Zion. my brother and sister Desire to be remembered to you both I
am your unworthy friend and humble Servant Phineas Dodge Honored Sir.
please to give proper regard to all your people whose hearts I hope Live
yet by Jesus Christ: and pray for me daily as I do for you. Mr. Amos Allen
died suddenly Last week.