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Samuel Kirkland to Andrew Oliver

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Kirkland 11a

Samuel Kirkland to Andrew Oliver
Boston, October 4, 1770. To the Honorable Andrew Oliver Esquire Secretary
of the London Board of Correspondents in Boston. Sir - The Reverend Dr.
Wheelock , in whose employ I have served as a Missionary among the six
Nations, for six years past, (wanting a few days) is now engaged in
erecting a College in the vicinity of Choos, and necessarily involved in
such a crowd and multiplicity of Business as forbids his giving that
attention to, and defraying the charges of my Mission as he would otherwise
cheerfully do - and the Reverend Doctor has said he would be willing that I
should put myself under the care and patronage of your Board--I should be
glad to lay before your Board my present situation and the importance of my
Mission. And as the circumstances of my people and Family require my speedy
return, I beg for the meeting of your Board as soon as possible. Your
Honour's most obedient and very humble Servant Samuel Kirkland .

[Massachusetts Historical Society Miscellaneous MSS. 71.K.98]

Copy of my petition to the Boston Board
October 4th 1770