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Phineas Dodge to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 21d

Windham September 10 - 1771 Reverend and Dear Sir Since I wrote you last,
which was the 19 of August, I saw Mr. Jonathan Mason of Boston, who desired
me, if I had opportunity to write and to inform you that your Character
suffered much in Boston and was gone home to end in a bad light and that
you must come down, at all adventures and see to it yourself etc etc - you
must bring your account, and be able to show how you have disposed of the
various and large sums of money which 'tis said you have expended without
rendering any account thereof for many years past etc etc- 'Tis probable
that most of the monies which have been expended, in the wilderness stand
charged to your account for when I set out from thence 4 years ago received
£80 which was, as I understood all charged to you and my orders were to
expend out of it for my help and 3 Indians with me till I got to Oneida and
also procure blankets etc. for myself and Johnson which I did, and with you
to look to you both for order, and support etc. Don't forget what you have
paid from time to time to Fry and others and labour etc nor the building of
your house, materials, Indians etc for the same your order.

Please Sir, to give my love to Mathew and John to William and all,
enquiring friends etc. Let us, pray without ceasing and may the blessed God
be with you all - farewell Dear Sir farewell Phineas Dodge

Last week Mr. Hart was here who came from Boston and says that Doctor
Whitaker has reported your things in Boston as marks of your undertaking
and further sayeth that you must come down and settle the affair soon or
all your reports and what is gone home will be received for fact and your
Character be quite gone etc. Oh Sir, may the Lord who alone is able to
direct you, to the most prudent measures and such as shall have the
greatest tendency in the end to destroy the Kingdom and interest of Satan
and to advance the redeemer's cause in the Lord O the wounds which he
received in the house of his friend, may this all cease forever and come
into rememberance no more forever but may every heart and soul be filled
and overflow with such a sacred flame of divine love as shall bind the
strong man and spoil his good. O how glad are the enemies of Christ of
their opportunity to reproach his cause. Blessed be God: I sometimes feel a
greater tenderness for the Dear cause than for the name or character of any
finite creature on earth when standing in competition with it. But alas,
Dear Sir, how seldom, do I feel such a temper, for the most part, I know
not what manner of Spirit I am of, which sad experience has too, too often
proved if I have the kingdom of God within me, 'tis indeed like a grain of
mustard seed, but O that it may grow and become a tree bearing precious

September 12 - Dear Sir, while I was writing the foregoing lines, I
received the joyful tidings of Mr. Avery's arrival, being on his journey to
Oneida etc. I immediately waited on him, found he was not only designed to
you, but to tarry and labour in the Vineyard with you, a circumstance not
only pleasing and acceptable, but truly interesting and important - two are
better than one, for if one fall he hath another to help him up etc. - may
the Lord make you, not only like David and Jonathan, in Love, but like Paul
and Barnabas, in Labour, and success - is anything too hard for the Lord:
Why mayn't we hope, and pray for the renewal of friendship, and the
overflowings of love and peace, what is sweeter, or more worthy of pursuit.
Honey doth not exceed it, nor is life itself worthy to stand in competition
with it, what then can be too dear to satisfy rather than not obtain it -
if we truly seek the Lord with our whole heart will he not be found of us
and though he tarry long, yet will he not surely come, if we do but wait
for him. Let us not only wait and pray, but search for the paths of peace
as for silver and dig for it as for hid treasure - Who can tell but the
Lord: will yet be entreated of and turn again and leave a blessing behind -
I am much better in health than I was, Blessed be God: O that I might live
and show forth his praise - your friends were in usual health at Newent
last week except Mr. Benedick who Mr. Hart said was growing poorer.

Doctor Huntington is now gone to Commencement, he designs to set out for
Worthington with his family the sixth of October. For further particulars
must refer you to Mr. Avery and for my last request, beg the continuance of
your prayers and that grace mercy and peace may be multiplied to you and
yours is the sincere desire and constant prayer of Dear Sir, Your sincere
friend and humble servant in the Dear Immanuel
Phineas Dodge
September 16: Dear Sir Yesterday I received yours of the 22 of August which
gave me both joy of heart and sorrow of the heart, sorrow to hear that so
great a wound must be once more opened and not only the side, but the very
heart of the Dear redeemer be made to bleed afresh, by our Dear Brother,
Thomas who you say has fallen again. Alas what is man; Let him that
standeth, take heed lest he fall; but again I rejoice to hear not only from
you and yours of your welfare etc., but that the Lord is getting himself
the victory over the powers of hell and darkness, O sir, what joy: what
comfort, what support and strength must it afford you, in such a day of
trial, viz: that the Lord reigns that he is indeed King in Zion and will
reign till he shall have trodden down all his enemies - before him - were
it not for this, it seems your heart could not endure nor your hands be
strong - but blessed be God you have such a strong tower to flee into in a
stormy day: Sir, give my kind love to Thomas and tell him that I do freely
forgive him, but do earnestly entreat him for his soul sake that for the
Lord's sake that he would cut off this right hand which has so often
offended him and grieved others, entreat him to search deep for the cause
of it, surely there is a cause.