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Samuel Kirkland to Eleazer Wheelock

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Samuel Kirkland to Eleazer Wheelock Kanonwarohare 18 June 1772 To the
Reverend Doctor Wheelock Sir I received yours - January 28 and February 26
- the former of which came to hand May last - I think you for the
expression of respect and good will you bear to me and your niece - as to
intelligence of Indian affairs - Mr. Avery will give you, as he was just
here for that purpose - I am not a little surprised and no less grieved -
that our articles of agreement last fall prove so ineffectual towards
healing the unhappy differences between us - as your letters now specify -
You write "I have sent etc - Promise - to the best of my remembrance you
never once mentioned a word of writing to the Honorable Trust - any word
respecting the affair, the articles were to speak for yourself - You
mentioned of your writing to Dr. Whitaker respecting one of the articles as
not being sufficiently explicit - to which I replied, "if the Doctor writes
I shall write too - after this I asked for another considering - and you
replied, "I can do no more, I shall be blamed for making so many
concessions as I have, when my Son and Mr. Woodward return - however
promise was not at out of question for you promised me that Dr. Woodward
etc. - Several draughts etc. - If your own Character had not been at stake,
I rather think you would have saved yourself the trouble even one draught
instead of many - especially when there has been so many attempts for
several years past (and particularly by these instructions you in the
Articles that were suited to inspire Jealousy) to traduce my Character -
Even Dr. Whitaker has said, he was obliged to call in all the helps he
could possibly get to support the Dear Chair - and he called in the helps
not only of conjectures and surmises, but falsehoods - "But I could clear
you of blame etc. - I suppose in the affair of not fixing my salary for
near two years, and not drawing the from the honorable Trust for the space
of 10 months - when I paid interest for money all that time - a true and
faith interpreting of that to be that "I could not clear myself of blame in
that affair, without casting the blame on you -

I am really surprised that you should mention any Bill or Bills being left
in the hands of your Agents to be filled up for your relief" - and I am no
less sorry I did not take in writing what Reverend Matthew would have given
me when at Dartmouth last fall, if I had desired - in reference to these
Bills - he said, those blank Bills that were in his hands, were designed
for the Doctor's immediate use - and that the Doctor had sent down for more
money than he (Reverend Matthew ) could possibility procure anywhere there
- he had no orders about my support nor had he heard any word said
respecting me, or my affairs in the wilderness - for above 6 months - save
this line in one of the Doctor's letters to Mr. Woodward - you must not let
Mr. Kirkland suffer - But then let you return with out remittance I will
venture to give you one of these Bills - but can't vend it here - in
Connecticut - you must take the sale of it upon yourself - "I have said" I
can't believe etc. I never considered the Boston Board as Enemies to the
Cause of Christianizing the pagans especially when they had been so long
engaged in the work - nor have I ever found their opinion of some
particular branches of your plan to be different from many others, who are
ranked among your peculiar friends. "As to my unadvised and precipitant
conduct in putting myself under the care of the Boston Board - I should
think two years would afford sufficient considering - especially when I had
conversed so often and so loyally with you upon that head during that term
of time - As to my ingratitude in that affair let the Board or Honorable
Trust determine - if there be proper information on both sides - as it was
once said by a venerable Judge, "law doth not condemn a man unheard" - If I
"pushed on" was influenced at all in the affair by slanders, falsehoods
etc. I know of none, but the reproaches what with I was loaded by your evil
instructions before mentioned

in the Articles suited to inspire jealousy. - I have never as yet had
occasion to repent my entering under the patronage of the Boston Board - I
judged it then to be my duty (all things considered) and most expedient for
the good of the cause - the whole of which affair I cheerfully refer to the
decision of judges in reg - and instead of the hand of , I join with you
that the hand of God was in it - (though in many respects mysterious) "and
the course he has taken to hide Pride from man." time was when I esteemed
and adored you as an Angel, second to none but Gabriel - and should be
equal it as a pleasure to have sacrificed my life and all for yours - which
many instances of conduct have sufficiently proven. - The unhappy
misunderstanding and difference that took place and some time subsisted
between us, which a variety of circumstances which attended it do loudly
preach that man is imperfect not only prove but too sadly illustrate the
soul humbly D--that man is not only a change but a depraved creature - and
ever afford matter for deepest abasement and humility before God - and
cursed is man that puts his trust etc. By these animadversion upon the
affecting subject, I have no immediate reference to any particular person -
but a general reflection upon human nature - the imperfect and change of
man - as one observes, now a friend and then a foe - today a Saint tomorrow
a Devil -

[Indorsed in Kirkland's hand:] Letter intended for Dr. Wheelock , but not
sent - 1772 [the letter contains many abbreviations, some of which are
illegible. All written out in full.]