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John Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland

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Kirkland 253c

John Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland
Norwich February 1st 1808 Dear Brother, I received your kind favor by Son
Samuel. Happy to hear of your welfare and family. You wrote requesting the
ages of our Brothers and Sisters. I have not the old Bible where they were
all entered; conclude our Sister Hannah Sheppard has it. I think I can near
exactly recollect their ages. Our Father was born in the year 1701 our good
Mother in the year 1704 our eldest Sister Mary in the year 1724 our Brother
Daniel in the year 1725 2d Sister Mary in the year 1727 our Sister Hannah
White 1729 Our Sister Anna in the year 1731 our Sister Elizabeth in the
year 1733 my age is dated in the year 1735 our Brother Jabez in the year
1738 our Sister Lydia in the year 1740 your date is December 1st 1741 our
Brother Joseph in the year 1743 our Sister 3d sister Mary in the year 1745
Our Father died May 18th 1773 our Mother in October 1st 1769 Our Parents
are I trust gone to the Realms of Light and Happiness. May we be prepared
to meet them in the Kingdom of Glory. I have it in contemplation if God
should see fit to spare my Life and Health until next August or September
to come and make you a Visit.

I can still reflect on the various Lines of Divine Providence in regards to
us and our Father's families. His Government has been in infinite Wisdom,
although it be to us grievous. To be satisfied with God's government is our
Duty and Happiness. I have nothing of great importance respecting this
town; general time of health and attention to meeting. In Chesterfield and
Comington North of us there is a great awakening and attention to Religion
and particular among the Youth and others. We have enjoyed Health through
God's Mercy this year past, for our Age remarkable. Our Children at East
Hampton are well. Daughter Judith has her 4th daughter. Son Samuel and
Martin and families are well. Mr. Woodbridge is well, I think gains some in
his Performance. Mr. Tracy is unwell, I hope not Dangerous. He appeared to
be much Engaged in things that pertain to Christ's Kingdom. You will be
tired of my long letter. You must make stops for me, and put in what I have
left out. Wish you to write the first opportunity. You Sister and Cousin
Salla give their kind Love to you and Sister and Cousin Eliza, as to my
Sons with you . I trust you will advise them to attention to Virtue and
Piety. From your Brother with his best Wishes John Kirkland Reverend Samuel

February 8th 1808 The Bearer Mr. Lee has been detained by Reason of the
Snow, failing. Let you be informed we are still favoured with Health. Mr.
Tracy remains yet Unwell in a low state of Health. Some fearful that he may
fall into a Consumption. I wish you to write me how my Son John makes out
under his infirmities, and if he is like to support himself by his
Profession in Law and if his morals are good; must be a great disadvantage
to him. I remain still your affectionate brother J. Kirkland Reverend
Samuel Kirkland

J. Kirkland Norwich 1808 Family Register
Reverend Samuel Kirkland Clinton State of New York
Favored by Mr. Lee