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Detroit, Aug. 9th 1842. Rev. Edward Robinson D.D., Niagara Falls, N.Y.

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[Elisabeth in Detroit to Edward, 9 August 1842 - letter addressed to New
York City, but then forwarded to Niagara Falls, NY]

[She intends to send the letter with a neighbor of Edward's who is visiting
in Detroit.]

. . . "little has changed in Detroit, except in the growth of the trees and
the children.
	a.	think you must all have been happy to get out of New York	after being
pent up within the brick walls of a city—but how can you bear to go back
untill the weather is cooled .	If you come west only to Niagara, I shall
not see you—as I expect to remain here untill later than you will
probably make your journey.

[She mentions seeing freight & passenger trains of the western railroad
just beyond where she is staying.]page not transcribed page not transcribed
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