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Samuel Kirkland

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J. Lansing to Philip Schuyler
From the resolves of Congress. Samuel Kirkland to receive a salary plus an allotment for expenses in the service of the colonies.
James Dean (?) to Philip Schuyler (?)
At Niagara. Butler "spoke nothing to them [the Six Nations] but peace." Meeting soon to be held at Onondaga. Please find out the basis of the message from Onus asking the Indians to attend a conference at Philadelphia., Description: Unsigned, unfinished.
James Dean to Philip Schuyler
Last report in which Dean stated that Butler spoke of peace may not be accurate. Oneidas are now distrusted among the Six Nations, and are probably poorly informed. Many Onondagas and Cayugas are at Oneida. They came down supposedly for the funeral of Cagy (or Kegg) but have been making speeches of reprimand to the Oneidas. Dean believes that the capture of Niagara would stop that place's influenc... [description clipped]
Oneida Chiefs to Philip Schuyler
Results of meeting at Niagara at which 2 Oneidas were present. It was first stated (in response to Col. Butler's belts), that the Six Nations, the Kaghwages, and the seven tribes of Canada "had all united and resolved to maintain peace, both with the King and the Bostonians and receive no axe from either". Colonel Butler then pointed out the weakness of the colonies. The Indians replied by pledgin... [description clipped]
Oneida Sacinems (?) to Philip Schuyler
The colonial delegation made it to Onondaga, despite Seneca threats. Will proceed to Onondaga themselves when summoned. Note by Dean: The Canadian tribes may like to visit Schuyler as they pass through Albany., Description: Interpreted by James Dean.
Philip Schuyler to James Dean
Copies of Dean's and Samuel Kirkland's letters forwarded to the Congress. Washington's recent successes will hopefully have an effect upon the prevailing sentiments of the Western Indians. New York preparing for a possible British landing there. Please communicate the results of the Onondaga council as soon as they are available.
Philip Schuyler to Samuel Kirkland
Description: ["Missing." Found?]
Philip Schuyler to Samuel Kirkland
Rumour has it that Brant and the Mohawks plan to move "to the Senecas or elsewhere". Samuel Kirkland to relate it to the Oneidas (and thus to the rest of the Six Nations) that this would be "very disagreeable" to the Americans.
Philip Schuyler to Samuel Kirkland
Anxious to hear the results of the Onondaga Council. May call a council with the Indians at Fort Schulyer., Description: Includes a transcription.
Philip Schuyler to the Sachems of the Six Nations
Reports Washington's victory at Trenton. War imminent between England and France. Ask tribes to remain neutral. Sending rum to every Nation: "drink health, peace and Liberty to your American Brethren."
Samuel Kirkland to Philip Schuyler
Three Oneida chiefs have been invited to Niagara by Brant and Butler. Several "family connections" of Brant also invited, but declined. Fort Schuyler "not to be attacked this season", according to Butler. Ticonderoga may be taken, however. John Johnson is living in the Seneca country as an intelligence coordinator.
Samuel Kirkland to Philip Schuyler
Western Iroquois tribes beginning to swing over to the British side. They are told that Americans do not like Indians. The Oneidas alone hold an "unshaken friendship for the colonies and a firm attachment to their council at Albany." The Mohawks are working against the colonies, although pretending to be friendly. William Johnson (son of Sir William) is at Onondaga, waiting for news of the council... [description clipped]
Samuel Kirkland to Philip Schuyler
Met with Colonel Dayton at Johnstown. Mohawks were "imprudent". More Senecas, Cayugas and Onondagas enlisting on the "King's side". May soon begin attacking the frontiers of New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Many feel that the colonies should show their strength by making a decisive move against the frontier., Description: Includes a transcription.