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Samuel Kirkland

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Aaron Crosby to Samuel Kirkland
Still having problems with Old Issac. He is still in favor of feasting after Baptism. Baptized his son with much feasting and shooting guns: "some of them were carried by the Spirit out of themselves into Beasts". Crosby is also trying to get the Tuscaroras baptized by him. Good Peter "met with a fall", is better now.
David McClure to Samuel Kirkland
McClure is gathering memories of the life of Dr. Wheelock and a history of Moor's School and Dartmouth College. He needs more information and asks Kirkland to write something about Wheelock's work among the Indians. McClure says that Kirkland is the last "persevering missionary" of those who originally set out to work with the Indians. He also asks what the numbers and names were of the Senecas wh... [description clipped]
Deed between William Cockburn and Abijah Hammond
Hammond purchases 150 acres of land from Cockburn at the cost of one dollar and other services.
Ebenezer Moseley to Samuel Kirkland
Recently visited New England, saw Wheelock at Dartmouth. To leave his mission in the spring.
Ebenezer Mosely to Samuel Kirkland
Congratulates Kirkland on successful mission. His "own situation is very lonesome and desolute". Discusses the plans for building a new church., Description: Includes a transcription.
John Thornton to Samuel Kirkland
Received Samuel Kirkland's letters and the Articles of Agreement. Pleased that the Wheelock/Kirkland conflict is resolved. Believes that Kirkland should strive to regulate his work load. Offers him financial assistance. Thinks that Wheelock lost face in the conflict.
John Thornton to Samuel Kirkland
Lends encouragement to Kirkland. Renews offer of financial assistance.
Joseph Wooley to Samuel Kirkland
Desirous of more supplies. Mentions Peter's trip to New England.