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Wilbour Papers

Image - Charles E. Wilbour

Charles E. Wilbour
(wife: Charlotte Beebee Wilbour, suffragist)

Description of the Charles and Charlotte Wilbour Papers

This collection comprises letters of noted journalist and Egyptologist Charles Edwin Wilbour, and his wife. Charlotte Wilbour was a major, if perhaps unsung, player in the suffragist movement. Though her husband departed for Egypt and Europe in the 1870s, Wilbour remained at home in New York City, where she was a founding member of Sorosis, the first women’s club in the United States. Susan B. Anthony regarded Wilbour as a vital part of the suffragist movement in New York, writing in 1871 that Wilbour “must decide what New York can and will do—I will stand at the guns every time.” Her correspondence includes letters with Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Isabella Beecher Hooker, among others.

Non-digital printed materials can be found in the Special Collections Department of the Hamilton College Library.


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