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1822-1825. Nos. IV, V. Christian race
1822. Nov. 5. Thanksgiving. Essex St. Boston
1822. Oct 27. P. M. Southington Conn.
1822. Oct. 4. At Southington Conn. for prep. lecture. Friday P. M. 1st serm, preached
A. Ewing to Samuel Kirkland
Address to the Indians
An address of the Oneida Sachems to a party of young warriors, bound to Gen. Washington, conducted by Major de Tousard.
Confession of faith
Indians to Samuel Kirkland (?)
Jacob VanVleck to Samuel Kirkland
James Dean
John 4:34. Jesus saith unto them, my meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work
Memoir of the Rev. William Robinson Correction and Additions [1859]
O thou adorably great & eternal being, who dwellest in light, & whose habitation is life
Oct. 1, 1822. Read as trial-sermon before H. S. Association at Middleton N. H.
Read before the Association at Walingford [sic] May 29th, 1776
Read before the Association at Walingford [sic] May 29th, 1776
Receipt for making love powder, from H.V.S., 1778. A copy of which I gave to Florinda[?]