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Agreement etc. of the heirs of Wm Robinson. Oct 15, 1825
Edw. Robinson's agreement on W. T. Williams obligation
Estate of Wm Robinson. Statement of debts settled before Sept. 1, 1830
Estate of Wm Robinson. Statement of debts. Sept. 1, 1830
Evidence of property
Executors of Wm Robinson Certificate of Settlement. Sept. 1, 1830
Executors of Wm Robinson's a/c with Edw. Geo. Ch. & Elizabeth Robinson. Sept. 1, 1830
George Robinson to Edw. Robinson a/c. June 27, 1833
George Robinson's assignments of notes, etc. Edw. Robinson's papers etc. G. R. June 26, 1833
George Robinson's deed to Edward Robinson of pew no. 134. November 25, 1834
June 1, 1832. Edward Robinson's Obligation. Ohio land
May 31, 1832. Edward Robinson's Note $250
Mem. E. R.'s notes. Nov. 21, 1842
Oct. 15, 1825. Schedule of estate of Wm Robinson
Papers relative to the affairs of Charles Robinson, June 1, 1832
Southington papers Ch. & Eliz. Robinson etc. also Edw. Robinson