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13 April, 1870. Auszug aus den Civilstands-Registern zu Eppendorf hamburgischen Landgebeits
21st day of June 1837. I the undersigned, Secretary of State of the United States of America, hereby request all whom it may concern, to permit safely and freely to pass Revd Edward Robinson D.D. and Professor of Theology
Andover, 9 Feb. 1829. Mr. Edward Robinson. Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs. Curtis & Porter
April 19, 1865. Mrs. Therese Robinson, Trebbiner Str 10, Berlin
Gasthof zum Riesen am Markt No. 1147. in Gotha.
Good Friday [April 15] 1870. My dear Mr. Robinson, we are all struck with surprise & grief by the sudden demise of your mother.
Hartford, May 9th 1870. My dear nephew, your letter communicating the melancholly intelligence of the death of your dear mother, was duly recieved...
Health-Office, Boston, October 7, 1834
January 14, 1812 to April 18, 1821. Autograph book of Therese Robinson
May 31, 1827 to June 10, 1829. Bound letters from Edward Robinson to Elizabeth Robinson.
May 3rd [18]70. My dear cousins, sad indeed are the tidings conveyed to me by your letter of the 14th Ult.
New Haven, May 9th, 1870. My dear nephew, we have received your letter of the 14th of April giving us the sad news of the sudden decease of your excellent mother.
New York, May 18th, 1866. Office of Robinson & Ogden, Bankers
New York, May 4th, 1870. A Monsieur Edward Robinson, Consul des États Unis, Hamburg Allemagne.
Thérèse von Jacob Robinson [photo of portrait owned by Edward Robinson of New Jersey]
Union College [1827?]. To the Rev. Mr. Robinson, Germany.