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Complete preceptor for the banjo : containing all necessary instruction, with a large collection of music adapted to the instrument, including most of the songs sung by the Christy Minstrels
Curtiss' acme banjo method : containing the first rudiments of music, with a perfect and full set of diagrams, showing every key, chord and scale upon the banjo : also a fine collection of progressive instrumental and vocal pieces
Dobson's universal banjo instructor : containing a complete elementary course, and a great variety of reels, jigs, hornpipes, walk-rounds, waltzes, polkas, schottisches, marches, and a number of the most popular songs of the day
Ellis's thorough school for the five stringed banjo : containing popular ballads, songs &c. with banjo accompts. : full size diagram of the fingerboard : rudiments of music : easy exercises diagrams &c, major & minor scales in all keys : instructions in a
First ten studies for the banjo
Fisher's hornpipe
Frank B. Converse's Banjo instructor, without a master : containing a choice collection of banjo solos, jigs, songs, reels, walk arounds, etc., progressively arranged, and plainly explained, enabling the learner to become a proficient banjoist without the
Frank B. Converse's new and complete method for the banjo with or without a master
Franklin Theatre : Benefit of Messrs. Sanford & Boyce and last night of their engagement ... Tuesday evening, March 27th, 1838.
Gad Robinson's banjo instructor : containing a large collection of vocal and instrumental music : gems from the latest operas, new marches, waltzes, jigs, hornpipes, etc.
Geo. C. Dobson's World's banjo guide : fully explaining the rudiments of music, with cuts and diagrams illustrating the fingering, positions, etc. : also the principal scales and chords and many new compositions written expressly for this work by the auth
Geo. C. Dobson's simplified method and Thorough school for the banjo : two books in one
George C. Dobson's "Victor" banjo manual : containing the principles of music, examples, studies, gamuts, diagrams and cuts illustrating the positions
George C. Dobson's New school for the banjo
Grover's progressive method for the banjo
Ideal method for the banjo : contains simple and clear instructions, and a large number of operatic and other popular airs : carefully selected from the latest publications and arranged with special reference to the instrument
Immense attraction! Crowded houses! New pieces! New songs! New dances!
Instrumental banjoist : a collection of popular and favorite pieces
Lansing's practical instructor for banjo : containing correct rules, explanations and exercises for learning this popular instrument
Last appearance but two of the celebrated American comedian, Mr. Rice, the original representative of the American Negro character, who has performed with most unprecedented attraction for upwards of 260 nights in all the principal theatres in London, and