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Master Diamond, the great original negro extravaganza dancer, and his coadjutor, Barney Williams.
Miss Bassano will appear this evening as Norma ; and Miss Anne Romer will perform Adelgisa, in Bellini's opera of Norma : eleventh performance in this country of the celebrated New Orleans Ethiopian Serenaders!
More novelty! : J. Nickinson, emboldened by the success attending his efforts to amuse the public of Toronto during the last two years ...
New York Circus : this afternoon's performance commencing at two o'clock!!! A grand change of performance in the evening at 8 o'clock!!!
Newcomb & Arlington's Minstrels! and brass band : sixteenth annual tour of the monster organization!
Open every night / by the celebrated and original Buckley's Serenaders.
Ordway's Æolians! : under the management of J. P. Ordway, will appear at Railroad Hall.
Paramount banjos
Progressive international banjo instructor
S.A. Thompson's compositions : for the trio instruments : graded music for teaching and orchestra
S.S. Stewart's celebrated banjos : catalogue and price-list : banjo music, instruction books, strings and fittings
Sanford's Opera Troupe established 1850 / S. S. Sanford, proprietor ; Cool White, stage manager ; Saturday evening, October 27th, 1860 ; last night of the Old Folks!
Sanford's Opera Troupe will give two of their popular entertainments! : embracing a variety of songs, duetts, choruses, dances and burlesques ; second week. Unprecedented success! This Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clk, and in the evening at 8 o'clock, July 1
Stewart's universal banjo instructor : a book for the million
The Campbells are here! : Second week of Murphy, West and Peel's Original Campbell Minstrels.
The Campbells have come! : For the recess. The management have great pleasure in announcing, that arrangements have been made for the services of the world-wide celebrated band of Murphy, West and Peel's Original Campbell Minstrels.
The Sable Brothers, delineators of Ethiopian characters : will appear at [blank] on [blank].
The great and world-renowned Bryant's Minstrels : the excelsior troupe of the world!
The original and only Christy's Minstrels and the great comic artiste George Christy
The original and only Sam. Sharpley's minstrels, brass band and burlesque opera troupe : farewell tour! Music Hall. positively two nights only! Saturday and Monday evenings, Nov. 26th & 28th.