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Andover, Mch. 4, 1831. Prof. Robinson, Dear Sir, At a recent meeting of hte Assoc. for Inquiry respecting revivals of religion...
Madison, Wis. March 8th 1854. Prof. Edward Robinson, D.D. Sir: It is my pleasing duty to inform you that at a meeting of the Executive Committee, you were duly elected an honorary member of the State Historical Society of Wisonsin.
New Haven, Sept. 8, 1830. Professor Edward Robinson, care of George Robinson, New Haven.
The New England Historic-Genealogical Society... at a meeting held in Boston on the 3d dat of February, AD 1858, elected Edward Robinson of New York to be a corresponding member of said society.
This certifies that Edward Robinson is a member of the American Oriental Society. Boston... Sept. 7th 1842