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Andover Theol. Sem. dec, 27, 1832. Copy, O. Gridley, Esq.
Clinton, Dec. 10th, 1831. Professor Edward Robinson, Andover, Massachusetts
Clinton, Dec. 31st, 1832. Rev'd Edward Robinson, Andover, Mass.
Clinton, Dec. th 12[?], 1832. Mr. Edward Robinson, Theological Seminary. Andover, Massachusetts
Clinton, Feb'y 27th, 1832. Professor E. Robinson, Andover, Massachusetts
Clinton, March 10th, 1832. Mr. Edward Robinson, Professor And. The. Institution. Andover, Massachusetts
I. Fitch, cachier of Mech. Bank. N. H. to R. Lowry Esq. May 1832
Theol. Sem. Andover. Dec. 27, 1832. Copy, O.S. Williams.