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50 Abermarle Street, London, Aug't 16, 1850. Murray, Rep. of Bibl. Res. in Lond
Albermarle Street, London, August 29, 1849. The Rev'd Dr. Edward Robinson, New York, U.S.
Albermarle, Dec. 13, '53 [1853]. The Rev'd Professor Robinson, New York
Albermarle, Oct. 2 [1853?]. Dear Sir, I enclose your paper of testimonial [which] are most flattering and satisfactory.
Andover, 1 Dec, 1828. Mr. Edward Robinson, Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs. B. Curtis & Porter
April 19, 1865. Mrs. Therese Robinson, Trebbiner Str 10, Berlin
Boston, Aug. 26, 1828. Rev. Edward Robinson, Paris, (France). Care of Mr. Edwards
July 7, 1856. My Dear Sir, I am glad that the printing of your book on Palestine is at last finished
My dear sir, I have but a moment to thank you in my own & son's behalf for your kind attentions. Boston 6th Oct. '41 [1841]
Utica, Aug't 21, 1824. Wm Wms bill of encyclopedia