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Banjo made easy : a quick road to proficiency : a simplified, practical and thorough guide
Banjo, and how to play it : containing, in addition to the elementary study, a choice collection of polkas, waltzes, solos, schottisches, songs, reels, hornpipes, jigs, etc., with full explanations of both the "banjo" and "guitar" styles of execution, and
Frank B. Converse's Banjo instructor, without a master : containing a choice collection of banjo solos, jigs, songs, reels, walk arounds, etc., progressively arranged, and plainly explained, enabling the learner to become a proficient banjoist without the
Frank B. Converse's new and complete method for the banjo with or without a master
Geo. C. Dobson's simplified method and Thorough school for the banjo : two books in one
Thompson correspondence course : for mandolin, banjo, mandola and mando-cello : a complete comprehensive course that successfully teaches these instruments
Winner's Eureka method for the banjo : latest and best of all instructor
Winner's New American school for the banjo : comprising the rudiments of music, scales and exercises, and a full selection of the most popular melodies of the day, arranged in a simple and attractive manner for learners, being in every respect a self-inst
Winner's Primary school for the banjo : a thorough and complete course of instruction for the banjo : written and arranged for self-instruction as well as for teachers' use : containing full exercises and explanations, and a large collection of the new an
Witmark progressive method for the banjo