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Albermarle Street, London, August 29, 1849. The Rev'd Dr. Edward Robinson, New York, U.S.
Albermarle, Dec. 13, '53 [1853]. The Rev'd Professor Robinson, New York
Andover, 21 Aug. 1829. Mr. Edward Robinson, Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs Curtis & Porter
Andover, 5 May, 1829. Mr. Edward Robsinson, Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs Curtis & Porter
Andover, 9 Feb. 1829. Mr. Edward Robinson. Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs. Curtis & Porter
Andover, Dec'r 31, 1829. Rev'd Edward Robinson, to the care of Mess'rs Curtis & Porter... Paris
Andover, Feb'y 14, 1829. Rev'd Edward Robinson to the care of Messrs Curtis & Porter... Paris, France
Articles of personal property received, June 1, 1832
Books not found
Books reserved
Bremen, Oct. 30th, 1829. An der Zerren[?]. Edward Robinson, Halle an der Saale
George Robinson's assignments of notes, etc. Edw. Robinson's papers etc. G. R. June 26, 1833
Journal of Miss Cornelia's behavior to shew her Papa when she is a good girl & when a naughty girl.
Miss Polly Robinson, Lebanon
Price list of books
Wm Robinson, Jr., 11th March 1803. Master Edward Robinson, Southington