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George Robinson's deed to Edward Robinson of pew no. 134. November 25, 1834
I. Fitch, cachier of Mech. Bank. N. H. to R. Lowry Esq. May 1832
June 1, 1832. Edward Robinson's Obligation. Ohio land
May 19th. 1817 April 13, by Albany. Miss Eliza Kirkland, Clinton, Oneida Co. State N. York
May 31, 1832. Edward Robinson's Note $250
Mem. E. R.'s notes. Nov. 21, 1842
Oct. 15, 1825. Schedule of estate of Wm Robinson
Papers relative to the affairs of Charles Robinson, June 1, 1832
Paris, 11th June 1829. Monsieur Ed. Robinson, Halle an der Saale, Prusse
Southington papers Ch. & Eliz. Robinson etc. also Edw. Robinson
Utica, Nov. 23d, 1821. Mr. Edward Robinson, Southington, Connecticut