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409 Hudson St. 1 Jan. 1844. Mrs. (Professor) Robinson, enclosed, I beg leave to send you the speciman of an Indian song which I mentioned as having procured for you during my recent visit to Canada.
Department of State, Washington, 28th Feby 1866. My dear Sir: your very interesting letter of the 27th ultimo, and its accompaniment, have been received.
Department of State, Washington, November 14, 1868. Sir: In response to the request contained in your note of the 12th instant, I have the honor to inform you...
I certify that Edward Robinson has, this fourth day of September... 0ne thousand eight hundred and twenty-two... deposited in the Office of the Department of State, a certain Book... the copy-right wherof is claimed...
New York, May 4th, 1870. A Monsieur Edward Robinson, Consul des États Unis, Hamburg Allemagne.
St. Germain near Paris, April the 15th, 1785. Doctor Kirkland. Forward by Col. Wadworth.
Washington 13 May 1826. Hise Excellency the Barone Niebuhr, Minister of his Prussian Majesty at Rome. Mr. Robinson.
Washington, D.C., March 2, 1867. My dear Sir: I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of you letter of the 13th ultimo.