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Address of W.R. Hamilton, Esq., President of the Royal Geographical Society of London
Andover, 9 Feb. 1829. Mr. Edward Robinson. Paris (France). Aux soins de Messrs. Curtis & Porter
Aug. 22, 1849. The Reverend Professor Robinson, New York
Beirut, July 12, 1848. E. Robinson D. D., Professor Bib. Literature, Union Theological Seminary, New York, U.S.A.
H.M.S. Shearwater, Harwick, 1 May 1842. The Rev'd Dr. Robinson, Professor of Theology, New York
London, 24 August 1849. Rev. Professor Robinson, New York N.Y.
London, May 2, 1842. Rev. Edw. Robinson DD, Professor of Theology, Hamilton New York
Mr. President and Gentlemen, I perform a very agreeable duty in appearing as the represntative of my learned and ingenious countryman, Dr. Robinson
New Haven, Feb. 26, 1839. Rev. Edward Robinson, aux soins de M. M. DeLaunay et comp. en France
Papers & Letters relating to the Gold Medal of the R. Geog. Society London 1842.
Private & Unofficial. Navy Department August 3, 1848. Rev. Edward Robinson, New York
Prof. Ritter 1850. [Mein verehrter] Freund!
Royal Geographical Society, London. 29th May 1842. Sir, It is with feelings of sincere pleasure that I perform the very grateful duty of informing you...
W.R. Hamilton, Esq. Dear Sir, Your very kind note of May 2nd was duly transmitted to me by Ld Prudhoe...
Whitehall, London, April 23, 1842. Revd Edwd Robinson DD, Professor of Theology, New York
Woolwich, 10 January 1852. The Rev'd Dr. E. Robinson, 21 Berners Street, Oxford Street
[Mein verehrter] Freund! Berl. d. 18te März 1850 [18th March 1850]
[unclear][verehrter] Freund! C. Ritter Sept. 25, '52 [1852]