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50 Abermarle Street, London, Aug't 16, 1850. Murray, Rep. of Bibl. Res. in Lond
Address of W.R. Hamilton, Esq., President of the Royal Geographical Society of London
Albermarle Street, London, August 29, 1849. The Rev'd Dr. Edward Robinson, New York, U.S.
Albermarle, Dec. 13, '53 [1853]. The Rev'd Professor Robinson, New York
Albermarle, Oct. 2 [1853?]. Dear Sir, I enclose your paper of testimonial [which] are most flattering and satisfactory.
Anvers - Bassin Le Kattendijck
Anvers - La Cathedrale en 1700
Anvers - La tour des Poissonniers - 1500
April 19, 1865. Mrs. Therese Robinson, Trebbiner Str 10, Berlin
Arashiyama in the Rain
Ayford Mill
Botley Hill near Southampton, Saturday night 18th October. Doctor Robinson, 19 Sidmouth Street, Regent Square, London
British Museum - Morse ivory Chessman, found on the Isle of Lewis. English or Scandinavian, 12th century
Cadiz - Muralla: Parte Sur
Cartagena - Vista desde el Castillo de la Concepcion
Cats bowing near a piano - I
Cats bowing near a piano with wreaths - IV
Cats jumping near a piano with wreaths - III
Cats playing a piano - II