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Ch. Hosmer, March 13, 1857, Trumbull Family
Charles Hosmer, Apl 21, 1857, Amelia Wyllys
Detroit, March 23, 1840. Rev. Edward Robinson, D.D., Berlin Prussia
George Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland
George Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland
Hartford, May 28, 1825. Revd William Robinson, Southing Connecticut
Hartford, May 9th 1870. My dear nephew, your letter communicating the melancholly intelligence of the death of your dear mother, was duly recieved...
Hartford, Monday, July 17th 1847. My dear brother, You and sisiter Theresa will be glad to learn that Harriet has another daughter
Hon. Jos. Trumbull, Dec. 28, '57 [1857], Ichabod Robinson
Ichabod P. Norton, 16th Sept. 1810. Mr. Edward Robinson, Farmington, Con.
J. Hammond Trumbull
Mason Cogswell to Samuel Kirkland
Memoir of the Rev. William Robinson Correction and Additions [1859]
New Haven, Jan. 30, 1839. Rev. Edward Robinson, aux soins de M. M. DeLaunay et comp. en France
Samuel Kirkland to Jerusha Kirkland