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To the inhabitants of the ecclasiastical society, established by law, in Southington. July 27th, 1818
To the members of the Society of Southington. Dec. 11, 1820
To this covenant do I now in the presence of the all seeing God set my hand, this 5th day of May, A.D. 1776, Wm Robinson
Toulouse - Basilique Saint-Sernin
Toulouse - Cours Dillon - Le Pont-Neuf - L.M.
Toulouse - La Cathedrale - L.M.
Toulouse - Portail de la Dalbade - L.M.
Toulouse - Vue generale sur le Marche des Carmes - L.M.
Town in Valley
Tree and Roots
Trustees of Fairfield Academy to the Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy to Isaac Williams
Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy to Nehemiah Abbott
Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy: Bill for books
Tuesday morning, June 4th, 1776. To Mr. William Robinson, New Haven