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Andover, Jan. 5, 1822. Mr. Charles Robinson, Southington, Conn. Directions about the books etc. at Clinton
Andover, Mass. Dec'r 10, 1828. Rev. Edward Robinson. Care of messrs B. Curtis & Porter. Paris
Andover, Mass. Dec. 10, 1832. Your letter of the 24th ult. was duly recd.
Andover, Mch. 4, 1831. Prof. Robinson, Dear Sir, At a recent meeting of hte Assoc. for Inquiry respecting revivals of religion...
April 19, 1865. Mrs. Therese Robinson, Trebbiner Str 10, Berlin
April 8, 1818 by Albany. Miss E. Kirkland, Clinton, Oneida Co. State N. York
Article of faith; Church covenant; and rules of discipline agreed upon between Mr. Robinson & a Committee of the Church Christ in Southington
Articles of Agreement between Mr. Kirkland and Eleazer Wheelock
Asa Danforth to Samuel Kirkland
Asa Marvins receipt, October 13, 1810
Asahel S. Norton born Sept. 20, 1765
Asaph Whittlesey's Letter, Jan 7th, 1826
At a meeting of Hartford South Association in Middletown North Society, 1st October, 1822
At a meeting of an ecclesiastical council convention in Southington, Apr 24th, 1821, by a special request from the Rev'd Wm Robinson and a com'ee of the Church and society
At a meeting of the Ecclsiastical Society in Southington held by adjournment in the 27th day of November AD 1820
Au Reverend Dr. Theol. Professor E. Robinson in New York. Berlin d. 29 Juni, 1851 [29 June 1851]