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Strength of short words
Students of Hamilton Oneida Academy, 1809
Subject of this sketch has been called the greatest untaught genius since Shakespeare
Sunday evening, Dec. 4th, '42 [1842]. My dear brother, we expect Louisa to leave tomorrow morning for N. York to make a visit in your family
Survey of Redfields house lot 1806 by McNeal Esqr
The elder Gov. Johnathan Trumbull, L.L.D.
The following memoranda of the family of the Rev. John Robinson of Duxbury... Copied in July 1847.
The just shall live by faith. Heb. 10. 38. Copied April 12th 1857
The whole amount of land in the annexed plan from actual survey is 1300 16/100 acres by Alfred Wolcott, Surveyor. Copy made Apl 18th, 1818
Theol. Sem. Andover. Dec. 27, 1832. Copy, O.S. Williams.
Theological Institution, Sept'r 24th, 1824. Mr. Edward Robinson, Present.
Thomas Treadwell Davis
Times are very peacable [1801]
To Miss E. Kirkland. Dorchester, Jan. 1, 1812. Edw. Everett
To Miss Polly Robinson, Lebanon