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To all people to whom these presents shall come... I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred twenty and one
To the consociated Church of Christ in Southington. March 13th 1821
To the inhabitants of Southington Society. Southington Dec'r 21, 1801
To the inhabitants of Southington Society. Southington Dec. 6, 1802
To the inhabitants of the ecclasiastical society, established by law, in Southington. July 27th, 1818
To the members of the Society of Southington. Dec. 11, 1820
To this covenant do I now in the presence of the all seeing God set my hand, this 5th day of May, A.D. 1776, Wm Robinson
Tuesday morning, June 4th, 1776. To Mr. William Robinson, New Haven
Unfinished Work
Union College [1827?]. To the Rev. Mr. Robinson, Germany.
Utica, Aug. 28th 1830. Professor Edwasd Robinson, Andover Mass.
Utica, Nov. 23d, 1821. Mr. Edward Robinson, Southington, Connecticut
Utica, Nov. 5, 1838. Rev. Edward Robinson D.D., Berlin
Vienna, Sept 27, 1838. à Madame Thérèse Robinson née de Jacob a Vienne
Votes of the Church 29 Mar, 1821