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Wm Robinson, Jr., 11th March 1803. Master Edward Robinson, Southington
Wm Robinson, Jr., July 20th 1803. Master Edward Robinson, Southington
Woolsey & Herrick, Dec. &, 1855
Yale College, Aug. 17th, 1844. Professor Edward Robinson, LLD, Union Theol Semy, New York
Yale College, Feby 24th, 1779. Miss Polly & Lydia Robinson, Lebanon
Yarmouth Port, Mass. Mar. 29, 1856. Edward Robinson, D.D. President Union T. Col., New York.
Yarmouth Port, Mass., June 9, 1855. Rev. Edward Robinson, Sir, I have received your favor the the 6th inst.
[1858] Rev. Dr. Robinson, 257 Green St., N.Y.
[Mein verehrter] Freund! Berl. d. 18te März 1850 [18th March 1850]
[Mein verehrter] Freund! Berlin d. 27 Jan. 1851
[unclear][verehrter] Freund! C. Ritter Sept. 25, '52 [1852]