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The Campbells are here! : Second week of Murphy, West and Peel's Original Campbell Minstrels.
The Campbells have come! : For the recess. The management have great pleasure in announcing, that arrangements have been made for the services of the world-wide celebrated band of Murphy, West and Peel's Original Campbell Minstrels.
The Font - Wells Cathedral
The New England Historic-Genealogical Society... at a meeting held in Boston on the 3d dat of February, AD 1858, elected Edward Robinson of New York to be a corresponding member of said society.
The Rout of San Romano (1432) - Uccello - National Gallery
The Sable Brothers, delineators of Ethiopian characters : will appear at [blank] on [blank].
The Willimantic Journal. Willimantic, Conn. Friday, April 25, 1852.
The great and world-renowned Bryant's Minstrels : the excelsior troupe of the world!
The original and only Christy's Minstrels and the great comic artiste George Christy
The original and only Sam. Sharpley's minstrels, brass band and burlesque opera troupe : farewell tour! Music Hall. positively two nights only! Saturday and Monday evenings, Nov. 26th & 28th.
The original band of Sable Harmonists : respectfully announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Troy, two more of their unique and fashionable soirees, to take place at the above hall, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, December 14th and 15th / consisting of
The seventy-eighth commencement of Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y., Thursday, June 26, 1890, in the Stone Church, at 9:30 A. M.
The seventy-ninth commencement of Hamilton College. Held in the Stone Church, Clinton, N. Y., on Thursday, June 25th, 1891, at 10 o'clock a. m.
The seventy-seventh commencement of Hamilton College held in the Stone Church, Clinton, Thursday, June 27, 1889. At 10 o'clock A. M.
This certifies that Edward Robinson is a member of the American Oriental Society. Boston... Sept. 7th 1842
This ticket admits Prof. Robinson to the Boston Athenaeum, for one year from this 12th day of June 1834...
Thomas Boyd Hudson
Thomas Boyd Hudson
Thomas William Barton
Thompson correspondence course : for mandolin, banjo, mandola and mando-cello : a complete comprehensive course that successfully teaches these instruments