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(?) to James Dean
1 November [1858]. The Rev. Dr. Robinson, 257 Greene Street
1822-1825. Nos. IV, V. Christian race
1822. Nov. 5. Thanksgiving. Essex St. Boston
1822. Oct 27. P. M. Southington Conn.
1822. Oct. 4. At Southington Conn. for prep. lecture. Friday P. M. 1st serm, preached
1834, March 11 - copy of a letter by Schmucker and other trustees of the Pennsylvania College in Gettysburg, asking ER to reconsider appointment as President of the college.
28th April 1826, Southington. Mr. Edward Robinson, Boston, Mass.
409 Hudson St. 1 Jan. 1844. Mrs. (Professor) Robinson, enclosed, I beg leave to send you the speciman of an Indian song which I mentioned as having procured for you during my recent visit to Canada.
50 Abermarle Street, London, Aug't 16, 1850. Murray, Rep. of Bibl. Res. in Lond
A. Robinson Records, 1844
Aaron Kanorraron to his Brother David
Account of Expenses
Address to senior class [unclear] July 1779
Address to the Indians
Agreement between A.S. Norton and the Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Agreements with E. Robinson & M Kirkland
Albany, April 28, 1838. Saturday. Rev. Edward Robinson D.D. Rec'd at Beirut, July 4.