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8th Season Boston Museum. No. 367 ... Lots of fun! Change of programme every night! Last week of the performances of Horn, Wells, and Briggs' popular and talented troupe of Ethiopian Serenaders! Who will introduce on Thursday evening, July 31, 1851, and e
8th Season Boston Museum. No. 370 ... Positively the last performances of Horn, Wells, and Briggs' Ethiopian serenaders! This Saturday afternoon & evening commencing at 3 & 8 o'clock, p. m.
American Conservatory banjo method
Arch St. Theatre : Positively the last week Monday evening, June 13, 1859 ... Morris Bro's Pell & Trowbridge's minstrels and cow-bell-o-gians!!
Banjo : a dissertation
Banjo companion
Banjo made easy : a quick road to proficiency : a simplified, practical and thorough guide
Banjo! : a dissertation
Banjo! : a dissertation
Banjo, and how to play it : containing, in addition to the elementary study, a choice collection of polkas, waltzes, solos, schottisches, songs, reels, hornpipes, jigs, etc., with full explanations of both the "banjo" and "guitar" styles of execution, and
Benefit of Frank Brower opera night : thirteenth and last night but two, of Ordway's Æolians!
Birch, Wambold, Bernard & Backus, San Francisco Minstrels : Thursday evening, Jan. 25, 1866.
Bonja song : a favorite Negro air for the piano-forte
Boston Museum ... Friday evening, July 11, [1856] : unprecedented attraction for the benefit of S.S. Sanford! Manager of the Sanford Opera Troupe.
Boz's Juba, with C. W. Pell's Ethiopian Serenaders, from the Royal Gardens, Vauxhall, will give a morning concert at the theatre, this day, Saturday, October 7, commencing at two o'clock.
Bryant's Minstrels : benefit of Dan Bryant & Eph Horn!
Buckley's banjo guide : containing the elementary principles of music, together with new, easy, and progressive exercises, and a great variety of song
Burbeck & Browne's Minstrels will give an entertainment at [blank] hall, on [blank] evening.
Charley White's complimentary benefit! : and last night of the troupe in Brooklyn, Friday evening Jan. 8th.
Complete American banjo school