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Brothertown Indian records 1774-1828
Certificate of land ownership for Jacob Fowler signed by John Johnson, Samuel Scipio, and Eliphalet Marthers, January 4, 1820
Ezra Barton Wood
Field book of the survey of the Indian lands in Brothertown, Oneida Co., New York, S. Curtiss, Superintendent of Brothertown, 1843
Letter from George Dean to his mother, Lucinda Dean, on January 22, 1865 from Westmoreland, New York
Letter from Helen S. Dean to Professor W.S. Smyth on September 27, 1875 from Vernon, New York; includes a note to Miss Qastinarl? And one to Nettie from Nelly on September 27, 1875 from Hampton, New York
Letter from Henry D. Pixley to Joseph D. Ibbotson, July 31, 1929