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Account of Expenses
Account of Expenses
Account of Expenses
Address to the Indians
Agreement between A.S. Norton and the Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Bills of Exchange
Captain Isaac Shonadoinanee to Samuel Kirkland
Certificate -- Samuel Kirkland and the Hamilton Oneida Academy Board of Trustees
David Cusick to Samuel Kirkland, jr.
David Fowler to Wheelock
Deed -- Samuel Kirkland to Joel Bristol
Deed between Chauncy Drake and Titus Post
Deed between Oliver and Lydia Catlin and Benedict Babcock
Deed between Samuel Kirkland and wife and John T. Kirkland
Deed from John Griffin and wife to Shubel Griffin
Deed from Samuel Kirkland to Isaac Williams
Deed from Samuel Kirkland to Ralph W. Kirkland
Fragmentary copy of [Samuel Kirkland to Rev. Alexander Miller]
Indenture between Ezra Dewey and Shubel Griffin
Indenture between Samuel Kirkland and John Say